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Wondering if is a scam. No big surprise when they say free lots of people are worried that they will be met with charges on their credit card.

Independent reviews of adult webcam sites.
Independent reviews of adult webcam sites. Where does it rank? What does it cost? Who operates this websites?

However, this is not the case. Streamate is in fact the most trusted site when it comes to live adult entertainment. They are also the only company that does not make you pay to try the site.

You can get your lifetime membership and never pay a dime for this. This gets you into all the chats rooms and you can have two way conversation. No other live webcams site offers this. Others make you pre-pay with buying credits. The post-pay model is what makes so popular with American consumers.

Sure the initial point where 2 way chat happens is not graphic but that is where you can chat a bit and see who (which cam model) you want to take to private. Likewise this is also where you can do your price point shopping and just try things out. There is NEVER ANY CHARGE on this site to register and do all that. Only once you go private are you charged but it’s so transparent even a complete dummy can navigate this site, have fun, and know for sure he was never charged a dime: unless of course you meant to get a private show. IT’S ALL CLEARLY MARKED.

Realize, enough people opt for premium shows that Streamate doesn’t care if you do or not. They clean up and are one of the most profitable adult webcam sites out there because consumers prefer this business model; hence most of the top models are on this platform. is our first choice of and we’ve been a member of Streamate for over 6 years!


There are a number of key features that streamate powered sites offer which other sites either do not or have done their best to copy. The truth is the other sites have nearly copied the design of streamate as well because the features are so clean and easy to use. Let’s review the top used features:

  • Categories: There are more than 40 different categories on streamate ranging from Milf, to Asian, to Shemale and of course every kink in between.
  • Region: Regions also in some cases dsi
  • Language: Dutch, Swedish, German, Italian, French, and English are of course the most common but Streamate offers more than 13 languages total.
  • Gold Shows: Gold shows are full on hardcore live sex shows where you pay a flat fee to join and watch with others. Usually this is $3 to $5 and NOT PER MINUTE, but total! Shows typically last 10 minutes.
  • Payment Forms: They have a long cascade of ways to register but most typically you use any major credit card.
  • Zoom: There are 3 options in screen size as far as the ability to zoom
  • HD: My only gripe about search is I wish they would add a HD icon next to models who broadcast in HD; as there are at least 15% who have high-end webcams with the sort of quality you can stream onto a smart tv.
  • Rewards: Streamate now has levels that you reach over time that give you back a set percent of your expenditure. We are at level 7 and I do not think it’s public what the top levels are but we enjoy getting notices about credits we have and the amount we get back increases as we reach the higher levels. This is their way of giving incentives to the best customers. 
  • Free Emails: Alot of adult webcam sites will try to make you buy packages to even correspond. You can send all the emails you like and watch the models public live shows here all totally free.

Screenshot of streamate:

streamate home page
Streamate home page

Streamate Costs and Prices:

Remember the key differentiating factor at Streamate over say a LiveJasmin or ImLive is that you do not have to buy any packages. Streamate site gives you full run of their place, including two-way chat without any times or restrictions. You get that just for registering and giving them a chance to earn your business. Meaning you are NOT obligated to nothing and you do not have to pay anything. Streamate is pretty smart about it. They know that if the prices are good for private live webcam shows that you will at one point or another get tired of the free adult chat sessions and go into a private sessions. Once you do, you’ll realize it’s a good value.

Here’s how it all works at…

1. First once you arrive, (after you join streamate) you will see literally thousands of live sex cam models and under each is a blue box that says, ‘CLICK HERE to enter my private live show’. There are some 13,000 from all over the world. It’s like a wet dream. No kidding.Anyway, when you click on that ‘CLICK HERE’ button at each models page you see their price per minute. See example below.

Where it says 'click here' you click. Then you see the prices for that model
Where it says ‘click here’ you click. Then you see the prices for that model

2. Now look at this image that we have enhanced below of a sample models price per minute. See where it shows the models show price? In this case that means this model charges $2.99 for private chat. That’s it. That’s what you pay. It’s very simple.

TIP: Exclusive is waste of money because who really cares if someone else watches b/c they can’t see you. Stick to private chat and those prices for 90% of the models are very reasonable and in some cases low. Likewise, you can still find models doing shows at 99 cents a minute.

Anyway, I also wrote on the diagram below. You ‘either go live’ or just click ‘close’. Once that is closed you are back to the free adult webcam chat.

It's pretty simple folks.
It’s pretty simple folks.

It’s that simple folks. That is how streamate works and what is free and what is not.

Truth be told the prices are so good here that I rarely fuss with the free chat but I do stick to models who charge just a few dollars per minute. I take the position, just pay the ladies fairly and when you have a bad show leave an honest review to save the next person from being stuck with a lazy model.  If a performer is not doing it for you, just click the ‘x’ to exit which stops the clock and then find a more attentive performer. The vast majority of performers are very good because they realize you won’t come back to their shows if they don’t give you good quality adult entertainment.

3: (Show Price Samples) Here is the private show rate for 1-on-1 adult webcam chat with the performer I showed above at

As you can see this performers per minute rate is 1.99 a minute
As you can see, this performers per minute rate is 1.29 a minute

As you can see, she charges just $1.29 per minute. Your just not going to find that sort of adult entertainment for a lower price anywhere.

Site Advantages:

Streamate reviews would not be complete without saying it is in fact the only site that is free to join with full access to actually talk to all the models. That being said, of course you have to expect to pay the models something if you want full live adult shows. They make money only when you get a private show so while you truly have nothing to lose, once you are comfortable using the site try the private shows.

Considering there are some 5 million members now it’s of course safe to say LOADS OF PEOPLE USE AND TRUST THIS SITE. Being the most visited adult webcam site in North America, has far too much to lose by cheating you. Yes, its adult entertainment but you will still find rapid replies on customer service tickets if you ever have any issues.

Positives / Negatives:

Streamate is a post-pay business model meaning you never pay a dime in advance. That’s what is so great about this site and why so many people use it frequently.

INTERESTING FACT: Average members actually use streamate 6 times per week.


Editor conclusions of Streamate reviews: is our #1 ranked site coming into 2016 for 1 reason. Nobody matches the value they offer. Period. Why use mysterious currency such as tokens when they make using live webcams simple an risk-free.

Considering that:

  • The models chat all you want free in open chat which is two-way, once you join.
  • You can end shows with the push of a button anytime you want.
  • You always know in advance the models per minute rate and agree to it before you go into a private show.
  • There are no minimums, so short quickie shows are fine.
  • …and it’s rounded to the nearest second and you get an email summarizing the charges directly from streamate within minutes after the show ends.

When you look at those aspects and compare that offering to other sites it clearly explains why this is the most popular adult webcam site.


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