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The name of this adult webcam site is called and the funny thing is that even though about 7 million people a month use this site most have never read the reviews and are not aware that this is not a real cam site, but rather a logo over the top of another popular platform aka a clone cam site.

To start our review of this live sex video chat site BE WARNED this is not a unique adult cam site; it is a white label copy.

Nevertheless, since gets millions of visitors that use the adult webcams section of their site, we felt it was important to share how this cam site works, what it costs, and where you should really register to get access to these same cam girls!

Recently, PornHubLive is seen redirecting its cam users to LiveHDCams, which is another white-label of Streamate, just like PornHubLive. Always back and join at the legitimate by leaving the shady clones behind.

However, I should preface what I am about to say in order to be both clear to readers as well as fair to the owner of the URL or domain name.

The actual live webcam technology offered on is originally housed at

We suggest you go to the original site if you decide to join. That being said, if you were worried if it was a scam we can assure you that it is NOT a scam.

The sex cams chat site you’re at when in this URL is in fact not really from the named cam site, but rather the webcam chat site. We just think people deserve to know. Details on this below.

pornhub live
You can see that pornhublive is a merely a clone site if you search Laynee_Shay or thousand of other cam girls appearing to work on this cam site! Features:

  • Zoom: Getting the best view is, of course, important as a user on a live webcam site so you will be glad to know that you can re-size the viewing screen to see the cam girls better As you can see in the screenshot above, there are 3 sizes. You can also link up your smart TV and use right in your living room, but JOIN VIA STREAMATE!
  • Private Sessions: The free lifetime membership allows you to have two-way communication with ALL and not just some of the models; unlike other sites.
  • Of course, the models are there to make money so do realize totally nude private shows are not free. Models all decide individually what they charge and place that on their pages. The blue button above is what you click to check the per-minute price for each model.
  • The level of transparency this underlining platform offers makes everything very clear.
  • 25 plus categories: You can search along the left column for live webcam models in all niches such as new live webcam models, milf, or porn stars.
  • Advanced Search: also gives you the ability to choose which metrics you want to search by the individual. Meaning you can search by age within any country or age, hair color, height, and weight.
  • EXAMPLE: You could search for 18-21 in Germany who have blonde hair. Realize Asian, Russian, Romanian, and Colombian are where most models originate from or their descent. Then about 20% are North American.
  • Translation: is available in 13+ languages
  • Save Favorites: Once you get your free lifetime membership, you then use the heart symbol next to the performer to save their username to your favorites. This way the performer appears along the top of your screen when you log into the site next time. That rule only applies if they are online. After using the site for a while, you will build up lots of favorites and these will all be conveniently displayed each time you log in for live webcam chat.
  • Pornhublive Support: Because is a white label the site support is actually handled by Streamate which is the underlining company.

Wet Pussy Asian is one of tens of thousands of models on the cams site. Just keep in mind while it’s not a scam, it’s definitely a replicated site like Fkbae whereby videos are fed from a parent platform.

Wet Pussy Asian
Wet Pussy Asian

Over 10 million people a month visit streamate and many do use the cloned versions like this cam site, but we suggest people try registering at the original website under streamate.

A little-known secret is that you can actually sign into any of these duplicate nude video chat sites with the same username and password; yet another way to tell it is a clone!

They are all secure, but we suggest you join because it makes the most sense to use the primary company brand, and over time that saves everyone money.

So realize it is not a pornhub live cost we’re talking about here, it’s really the streamlet costs since that is the true site that A. Is providing the service. And B. Where you ought to register to use these same cams and access directly all the porn hub live girls.

That is because the real pornhub live prices are not even going to! There are lots of sites like that are fake clones. Another one to avoid is called jerk mate.

Costs and Prices of

At you have three very positive things working in your favor compared to other adult webcam sites. They are the billing methods, amount of models who speak English, and pornhub live price per minute.

  • Billing Methods: Per minute via any major credit card. There are a number of safeguards in place at these platforms. Exiting a show is as simple as clicking the ‘x’. That stops the time and then billing is made to the nearest second. Truth be told, many men go into shows for as little as 3 or 4 minutes. As a result, the average ticket or charge hovers around 9 dollars.

Example: Say a model on charges $1.49 per minute. If you stay in that performer’s room in private with her for 3 minutes you spent only $4.50.

REALIZE you are not being billed unless you intentionally request private or 1-on-1 shows. Just hopping from room to room and talking costs nothing.


As far as the private shows (if you optionally request them) charges come directly out of your card on file and there is nothing to do on your end.

You get an email summarizing the charges. It’s truly that simple. There are no other pornhub live fees or undisclosed costs at all. Most people prefer this method over being forced on other sites to buy credits.

We will cover the other two benefits below.

5 sites like

  1. camonster
  2. bluecams
  3. tube8live
  4. rabbitscams
  5. shegotasslive

So those cam sites like are essentially doing the exact same thing!

Platform Advantages for the site:

Remember, while this is a review the underlining site that really owns the site is, and that’s why we suggest you join there.

The two primary advantages of using this adult webcam site over the others are:

1. Pay as you go, or pay nothing at all: All other adult webcam sites use a business model that requires you to buy a package to converse on the site at all. This means you have to be a paying customer elsewhere. At Streamate once you take 30 seconds to register you get a free membership that costs you nothing.

The only requirement is that you have a card on file in case you do opt for 1-on-1 live webcam shows. It’s fair to say millions of people use the site this is a very widely trusted business.

2. Gold Webcam Shows: Gold adult cam shows are displayed in the screen capture picture. These are just sex cam shows where many men at once are viewing and engaging with the same cam girl for a flat price or fee. To get access to these shows you chip in just a few bucks.

The model chooses when the show stars or ‘their goal’ as well as ‘the buy-in’. Typically, though this is $3-$5. …. But try clicking the model below and you will see why we have to tell you in our review of this site that cams actually come from another site.

Another Example of duplicate model and how gold shows work.
Another Example of a duplicate model and how pornhublive gold shows work.

Also, the cheapest pornhub live girls are going to be the new girls on pornhub live. Just keep that in mind and make sure you register at the real platform that powers this site which again is Positives / Negatives:

Again, these reviews are really geared toward the platform itself. While it would be found to join the website, we think sticking to the platform or home web for this program, which is linked at the button below is the wisest decision.

In case the owner of the URL that operates, as a partner of the platform ever moves their URL you won’t ever face any hassles.

Editor conclusions of We have been a member of the platform that power this original url for years and I have to confess we are users as well but at the REAL PLATFORM, and not here.

We hope you have found this information useful and realize the reason why in some cases the adult webcam reviews are duplicates on our site is that when it’s a matter of everything about a site being the same, clearly the reviews of those particular sex cam sites would be identical as well. It’s just a matter of full disclosure as far as how the site works.

You can try the true underlining site here rather than which is just an affiliate partner for the real platform.

visit site button

Since our focus is around differences in platforms we also link reviews to other REAL platforms from reviews of the white label sites.

The best adult cam sites for 2024 are truly original live sex webcam platforms. We listed these below

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