The Problem with Adult Webcam Site Reviews…

The big question for someone when they are considering joining an adult webcam site is which sites are the best? People are wanting to get honest information and REAL, TRUSTWORTHY FACTS about the difference between different live webcam sites. They want authoritative information from a source they can trust.

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..but aren’t all opinions subjective or bias to some extent?

The answer is, ‘YES!’ What you want is site where you get your information to disclose their bias and tells you the truth about why it’s sharing information with you. That is the difference between writing reviews based on integrity of the information you provide or just pumping out bullshit, then hoping someone will read it and trust you.

We put a lot of work into our research and spend a lot of time compiling information. Our goal is to offer facts that backs up our own opinion and then clearly delineate the reason for those opinions; while always employing a good bit of old fashion logical reasoning. We share detailed information on the worlds’ more widely used adult webcam sites.


The best selection of live entertainers are the lowest price is

What you should be looking for is information about what makes different adult webcam sites truly different.

You should be wanting specifics otherwise what you read only has no value other than someones opinion which could be based on nothing at all!

In coming weeks and days you can expect a refreshing and truly eye-opening amount of details and specific site information about all of the world largest and most used live webcam sites for adults.

Let me share a few things that most people are not aware of. First off, there are really 5 different types of live webcam sites. These five different ‘types’ if you will of adult webcams web sites are:

Of these types one must also realize only about 10 actual companies have in some cases 10’s of thousands different urls or web addresses which their technology operates. These companies have state of the art platforms that enable them to duplicate their web sites making people erroneously think that each different websites is in some way different. THE TRUTH IS IN NEARLY ALL CASES YOU ARE USING 1 OF JUST 10 OR FEWER SITES.

It is also important to be aware that these 10 or so companies grow their user base by enabling adult content owners to earn revenue by bringing them a domain name onto which they duplicate their platform sites in a way that the site looks original. Adult webcam sites are usually not original. That being said, what I am describing is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just not widely know to users of these live adult webcam site users.

The industry jargon for this is white labeling. More often than not the 5 different types or niches are just overlaid logos and in fact there is nothing unique about those brands.

Therefore, in our adult webcam reviews we share one thing at the conclusion of the review.

  • IS IT A REAL ADULT WEBCAM SITE OR IS IT A COPY (White Label). If it’s a white label we tell you the real platform and direct you to the detailed adult webcam reviews for the platform that truly operates that site. 

Typically the site will be operated by one of the following platforms.

  1. Streamate (ICF Technologies aka Flying Croc)
  2. Jasmin (Dolcer Holding)
  3. ImLive (PussyCash)
  4. FunLiveWebcams
  5. Flirt4Free
  6. These are also fine live sex webcams sites for adults. Compare adult webcams with our honest live video chat sex cams reviews.
    These are some of the most visited and popular xxx adult video chat streaming platforms.
    As of 2019 a few adult cam sites has slid in quality and been removed.

  7. Chaturbate
  8. BongaCams
  9. SakuraLive (DTI)
  10. StripChat
  11. MyFreeCams
  12. Cams dot com

This is most likely the first time that you will have seen an honest and full disclosure of the worlds 13 moth visited adult webcam sites that are actually unique sites.

The review for that platform will appear on the page for each site we offer reviews and information on. There will be some 3,000 sites to start with! This helps people as they search for information on the thousands of adult webcam sites determine who actually operates the sites.

We also share in that underlining platform review what the costs and prices are for the site and then we give real past users the ability to leave reviews. Collectively we think this is a valuable service to those who are considering joining what has now become a flood of live adult webcam sites.

When it comes to costs of each site we also share which model the site uses. These are the different business models in the adult webcam site.

  1. post pay, card on file 30% of sites use this
  2. pre-pay no card on file (typically these sites will cost a little bit more) 60% of sites use this model. It is the most common.
  3. free registration, packages with (credit card not on file) this is rare
  4. totally free adult webcams no credit card required (There is no such thing anymore)

Stay tuned!

In the meantime I can suggest

The Problem with Adult Webcam Site Reviews…
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