3 Top Cheap Sex Chat Sites

Today we are discussing the low price adult cam sites, but not just a collection of domains that are clone cam sites; instead a REAL breakdown of costs for live sex webcam shows at the REAL main platforms that power these shows and connect cam models with those looking to watch adult webcams shows. We make the distinction because their a long list of cam sites using domain names that infer they offer lower prices on live sex webcams and those sites are nothing more than webmasters who are using white label affiliate programs to trick you into thinking the costs are lower at those domains. With that being said, what you really need to be comparing are the actual companies that power all the cam sites. So first of all look at the main cam sites, and then look for cheap cam girls shows at those sites. This is how your going to get the best deals on adult webcams.

From there, if you are wondering which is the cheap and best live sex cam site that distinction is not a perfect science to come to a definitive conclusion on. Some would argue that Jasmin private shows are the lowest cost sex cams because of the fact that many cam girls from foreign (lower-income countries), while others would swear by the fact that Streamate cam shows are lower priced and the costs are more transparent due to the fact theirs to credits or tokens to be purchased. That being said, falling somewhere in the middle is StripChat, a very easy and rather low cost cam sites in our experiences. Cheap webcam chat in in the eye of the beholder and is relative to the norms you have experienced in the past. With that being said we will give you our opinion of the top 3 cheap webcam sex sites.

3 of the Cheaper Webcam Sex Sites

If you are looking for cheap webcam sex sites this post should be required reading. The reason is, low cost live sex cams or cheap sex chat sites are a myth to a large degree. When you are talking about prices that vary from 1 dollar to more than 20 dollars per minute there is massive variance in costs of cam sites, but one thing if clear. If you spend an hour on adult webcams sites each day it’s not cheap. However, if you moderate the time spent of adult cams chat and shop around, some adult cam sites do offer substantially lower prices; if that is what you want to call, ‘cheap live sex. Today we are taking a closer look at these low cost live sex chat sites.

In our experience, these are the cheap adult webcams sites, in ranked in order of prices:

Streamate Leads the Pack of Low Cost Adult Webcams

Cam show prices are rather cheap

What you really need to be looking for is cheap webcam girls and using the search functions here you can input 1 dollar and find at least a dozen or so cheap cam girls online at at time. If you expand your search from, ‘1 dollar’ adult webcams to ‘2 dollars’ there are hundreds of matches. Don’t expect the majority of these cheap cam girls to speak English but since they have translation software you can certainly be the boss and command a pretty hot adult webcams shows.  Try Streamate.com.


StripChat is a relatively cheap webcam sex site

Prices tend to be lower than some

One of the newest cam sites I personally have experienced to be one of the cheapest cams online. That site is called StripChat. StripChat is a rather cheap video chat site for adults because they also own xHamster porntube site and they get millions of visitors per day. We’ve noted that many cam girls are charging less than 2 dollars here and considering the fact their are over 500 cam models online at once I don’t think we could run out of options for cheap adult webcam shows if we tried. You won’t burn a hole in your wallet if your are selective with the internet models you select and check show prices before you select a model for private shows.  Try StripChat.com

LiveJasmin Costs Ranks them Among Cheaper Adult Webcams Sites

Offers pretty cheap adult webcams

Being frugal is very easy at Jasmin webcams due to the fact that typically more than 700 to 1000 cam girls are broadcasting their webcams from this site. My suggestion based on years of experience is use the, ‘new models’ tab and you will find lots of new and cheap cam girls shows. These are models that are just getting started and are building a fan following. Oftentimes cam girls will start with low rates then increase the costs of their cam shows as they gather fans. That’s the typical strategy. As a user of a cam site, especially if you are a frequent user of adult webcams, it really pays to develop a strategy to save money using adult cams as well. The best way to do so it try all 3 of these rather inexpensive adult webcams sites. From their use the search tips I suggest here and I am pretty sure you will find that you can save money and still have a large selection of low cost cam models to choose from. Try Jasmin.com.


As far as the cheapest live sex cams, I think that is going to be too close to call between these 3 websites. Make sure you read our list of the 5 Top Cam Sites. That being said the directory on the home page is very useful at breaking down the most popular cam sites by category or niche. Likewise, our adult webcam reviews will be informative for those of you who have been using cam sites for years as well as total newbies.



Top 3 Summer Adult Chat Sites

When the weather warms a bit the dynamics change as more people are outside. Hence the normal annual rankings of adult webcam sites are not as accurate. The primary reason why is people are using adult chat sites from their mobile devices more than ever. As a result we wanted to share what Alexa traffic statistics is telling us about the top adult chat sites for this summer.

How we Judged Popularity of Adult Chat Sites Over the Summer

We’ve excluded all the porn tubes and recorded content sites from the general category or top adult webcam sites and taken a few liberties we had to in order to extrapolate at least what appears to be the most popular sex cams sites just over the 3 summer months: those being June, July, and August in the United States.

  1. LiveJasmin tops the charts with less time on the site but far more users than most other adult sex chat sites. It may get hot outside during the summer but millions of us must be hiding inside under the comfort of air conditioning judging by how many visitors LiveJasmin webcams is getting this summer! Full review here…or visit the site.

LiveJasmin screenshot

ScreenHunter_11909 Jun. 27 16.39

2. Streamate is the perennial favorite all year around for those who dislike the credits system and it was clear that this was also true during the summer. Streamate webcams are less known outside of the United States but for American girls nude on webcam; all year round people flock here. Full review here…or visit the site.


ScreenHunter_11909 Jun. 27 16.39

3. CamSoda is the newbie to the list but this has created a breakout webcam sex site that is gaining users at a super fast rate. It’s a blend of premium and freemium and lots of top porn stars seemed to have latched on pushing even more visitors to CamSoda.com. Full review here…or visit the site.


ScreenHunter_11909 Jun. 27 16.39

As we share in our annual rankings, these are also some of the top overall adult webcam sites year round. However, there maybe more to extrapolate for us in 2017 in the 3rd site on this site continues its ascent to join the leaders as far as the most popular adult chat websites. Only time will tell. You can learn more about how each of these sites work and what the costs are for each by visiting the adult webcam reviews. You will note that our reviews also include clone or white label sites. If you want to just read about the original platforms which are the truly unique or one-of-a-kind adult webcam sites them click here.


Top 5 Mature Live Webcam Sites

Best Milf / Mature Live Webcam Sites

Okay so first of all what is mature? Mature in the case of adult webcam sites would mean sexy 30+ year old and typically older women; those guys typically refer to as MILFS. Milfs of course means, “Mother I’d like to Fuck”. Clearly the term is not mature but were talking fantasy chat cam sites today not etiquette. With that being, said nearly all the top adult live sex chat sites offer a very good selection of older women on live webcams.

mature cam models

mature cam models

However some sex chat sites do offer more of the cougar type gals, while others have younger cam models.

Typically the freemium sites are popular with the younger generation while the true private premium sex cam sites offer the more mature women. The reason being in our opinion the younger generation is not as focused on the true private sex cams experience. Their more into the general open exhibitionism fashion of camming sites. We don’t judge either but instead just share the best sites with the most milfs and cougars while also focusing on which live sex chat sites with older women have the best pricing structures.

Combining those factors together, we came up with this cumulative list with the best places to chat with older women about sex. 

How we ranked the top Mature Sex Cams

Enjoy and remember these were just our favorites. Your experiences may differ based on preferences of layout and style of the site that you enjoy using. We think private shows versus open shows is a better overall user experience so that did play into our rankings.

[table id=4 /]

We share reviews in the table here for the top mature milf webcam sites for adults.


Here are more detailed reviews for all the leading top milf sex webcam sites for 2016 / 2017 

Other live sex cam site reviews:

Top 5 Asian Live Webcam Sites

Top 5 Best Asian Webcams websites

If you are looking to watch sexy Asian girls on webcams and also just frankly do not want to get screwed over these top Asian live sex cam sites are those most trusted for adult cam entertainment.

Here is why:

  1. Secure billing
  2. Methods in place to make sure all models are of legal age
  3. Customer friendly large business whose success depends on visitors coming back.
Asian webcam girl

Half Asian webcam girl Natalie Star from LiveWebcamStars.com.

Whether you’re looking for Asian, Filipino, Japanese, Cambodian, or Vietnamese sex cams this table shows you our best picks as far as the current top asian girl webcam sites. We do not include spammy or scam adult webcam sites in our top rankings. Period. Therefore, you can have some peace of mind that the sites reviewed are vetted for shady companies. Only safe Asian webcam sites are discussed and we drill down on each site to share the key differences for each from a consumer standpoint.

User perspectives on Asian Girls Webcams Sites

The items that make each site different from a user perspective are typically features; their truly finite differences though many of which are subjective in nature. Oftentimes personal preferences came into play when we chose our list of the top Asian adult webcams sites.

We share the rough estimates of total performers, whether each of the Asian live webcam sites have a freemium or a premium business model, and other subtle differences below. We also touch on costs of pricing of the difference Asian sex cams sites so you can see what our impressions were as we used each site. We hope you find this useful and that it saves you time. The truth is just the niche segment of Adult Webcams catering to men who are watching Asian girls on live webcams is an industry that brings in hundreds of millions of dollars. It’s fast growing and there are new Asian adult webcam sites coming online all of the time.

[table id=3 /]

Our goal with the reviews we offer for Asian live sex webcams is to inform and share real experiences with others. Again, some of what the rankings for the top Asian webcams sites came down to was the overall look and feel of the site. Depending on what area of the world you live in your expectation of how a site should function and be laid out, maybe quite different. We speak from the perspective of an American user.

Comparing live sex Asian webcam sites, most of the differences are selection.

Comparing live sex Asian webcam sites, most of the differences are selection.

Here are deeper reviews for all the leading top live sex webcam sites for 2016 / 2017

Other platform reviews:

Top 5 Gay Live Webcam Sites

Best Gay Live Sex Sites

Gay sex chat sites

Best gay sex chat sites ranked

Navigating the maze of gay cam chat sites is a total challenge unless you spend weeks learning the hard way about the good and bad sites. The fact is 90% of users are actually using white label cam sites and they have no clue that the real brands do not own that website but only offer cams on the domain through a separate webmaster. As a matter of fact most people have no idea that a full 30% or more of each dollar they are spending is going to some middleman; someone who probably bought a logo on Fiverr.com and then joined a gay webcam affiliate program. Here are the issues with that over time:

1. It’s inefficient and adds to the end-user costs

2. It’s not clear which sites are real and which are copies

3. It’s deceptive.gay sex cams


Therefore, we don’t employ the same dirty tactics of plugging our own sites. We actually rank only REAL top gay webcam chat platforms, and truly original gay webcam sites. These are the top 5 organized into a simple and easy to use table so that you can make a more informed decision.

Top Gay Webcam Chat Site Chart

[table id=1 /]

Detailed reviews for all the leading sex webcam sites for 2016 / 2017

Other platform reviews:

Top Shemale Live Webcam Sites

Best Shemale Live Sex Cams

Shemale, transsexual, or ladyboys on live webcams; if your after some spice in your sex life of this nature then pay close attention while we run down the most popular shemale live sex cam sites. This niche is often intermixed with straight webcam sites, even moreso than gay cam sites.

We compare the top shemale cam sites

We compare the top shemale cam sites

It turns out that Straight men and women too often enjoy watching shemale webcams. More often than not they go to a live sex cams site looking for the opposite sex only to discover that shemale webcams turn them on more than the opposite sex. In other cases they just want to mix it up. In the last case you have men who just totally love watching shemales jerk off or being watched by shemales as they jerk off. These type users are serious about shemale webcams and like a good selection .  They usually plan on using the site often and are frequent users of shemale webcam chat sites. With that being said the last user type; the pro will get the most value from our rankings of the top shemale live sex webcams site.

As you can see with the shemale sex chat reviews we have ranked according to what is typically most important to the person paying for the show. Users of these types of websites usually want both a good selection of live shemale webcam models plus you want competitively priced shows.

The factors in ranking the top shemale cam sites

Shemale live sex webcams are popular with men, women, and couples

Shemale live sex webcams are popular with men, women, and couples

Therefore, these two ranking factors weighed heavily on the sites we placed at the top of the charts. Lastly the user functions on the site and the load times as well as the ability to get up close and watch from different angles was another big factor. Together we felt that these metrics were the most important in actually pin pointing the top overall shemale webcam chat site.

*It should be noted that all of these offer a reasonable value and there are no scam sites listed. Their all safe to use in this chart.

[table id=5 /]

Check back for updates shortly

We share reviews in the table here for the top shemale webcam sites for adults.

Here are deeper reviews for all the leading top live sex webcam sites for 2016 / 2017

Other platform reviews:

The Problem with Adult Webcam Site Reviews…

The big question for someone when they are considering joining an adult webcam site is which sites are the best? People are wanting to get honest information and REAL, TRUSTWORTHY FACTS about the difference between different live webcam sites. They want authoritative information from a source they can trust.

adult cams

(Pictured) Streamate Model Letishia

..but aren’t all opinions subjective or bias to some extent?

The answer is, ‘YES!’ What you want is site where you get your information to disclose their bias and tells you the truth about why it’s sharing information with you. That is the difference between writing reviews based on integrity of the information you provide or just pumping out bullshit, then hoping someone will read it and trust you.

We put a lot of work into our research and spend a lot of time compiling information. Our goal is to offer facts that backs up our own opinion and then clearly delineate the reason for those opinions; while always employing a good bit of old fashion logical reasoning. We share detailed information on the worlds’ more widely used adult webcam sites.


The best selection of live entertainers are the lowest price is Streamate.com.

What you should be looking for is information about what makes different adult webcam sites truly different.

You should be wanting specifics otherwise what you read only has no value other than someones opinion which could be based on nothing at all!

In coming weeks and days you can expect a refreshing and truly eye-opening amount of details and specific site information about all of the world largest and most used live webcam sites for adults.

Let me share a few things that most people are not aware of. First off, there are really 5 different types of live webcam sites. These five different ‘types’ if you will of adult webcams web sites are:

Of these types one must also realize only about 10 actual companies have in some cases 10’s of thousands different urls or web addresses which their technology operates. These companies have state of the art platforms that enable them to duplicate their web sites making people erroneously think that each different websites is in some way different. THE TRUTH IS IN NEARLY ALL CASES YOU ARE USING 1 OF JUST 10 OR FEWER SITES.

It is also important to be aware that these 10 or so companies grow their user base by enabling adult content owners to earn revenue by bringing them a domain name onto which they duplicate their platform sites in a way that the site looks original. Adult webcam sites are usually not original. That being said, what I am describing is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just not widely know to users of these live adult webcam site users.

The industry jargon for this is white labeling. More often than not the 5 different types or niches are just overlaid logos and in fact there is nothing unique about those brands.

Therefore, in our adult webcam reviews we share one thing at the conclusion of the review.

  • IS IT A REAL ADULT WEBCAM SITE OR IS IT A COPY (White Label). If it’s a white label we tell you the real platform and direct you to the detailed adult webcam reviews for the platform that truly operates that site. 

Typically the site will be operated by one of the following platforms.

  1. Streamate (ICF Technologies aka Flying Croc)
  2. Jasmin (Dolcer Holding)
  3. ImLive (PussyCash)
  4. Xcams
  5. Flirt4Free
  6. CamWithHer
  7. Xlovecam
  8. CamPlace
  9. Chaturbate
  10. BongaCams
  11. SakuraLive (DTI)
  12. ScoresLive
  13. MyFreeCams
  14. Cams dot com

This is most likely the first time that you will have seen an honest and full disclosure of the worlds 13 moth visited adult webcam sites that are actually unique sites.

The review for that platform will appear on the page for each site we offer reviews and information on. There will be some 3,000 sites to start with! This helps people as they search for information on the thousands of adult webcam sites determine who actually operates the sites.

We also share in that underlining platform review what the costs and prices are for the site and then we give real past users the ability to leave reviews. Collectively we think this is a valuable service to those who are considering joining what has now become a flood of live adult webcam sites.

When it comes to costs of each site we also share which model the site uses. These are the different business models in the adult webcam site.

  1. post pay, card on file 30% of sites use this
  2. pre-pay no card on file (typically these sites will cost a little bit more) 60% of sites use this model. It is the most common.
  3. free registration, packages with (credit card not on file) this is rare
  4. totally free adult webcams no credit card required (There is no such thing anymore)

Stay tuned!

In the meantime I can suggest Streamate.com.